Healthy Kids, Healthy Future

14 Oct


Inspiring change in people’s eating habits can sometimes be challenging when they have years of experience and have already formed opinions and  made up their minds about whether or not they like a certain food.  Children, however do not have as many of these preconceived notions and are usually more open to trying new things.

In order to make a large impact and really change the nature of the food industry, we need to inspire the children and the next generation to eat sustainably and get back to basics.  Change is happening though and there are many organizations focusing on education children on food and nutrition.

5 Carrots is a great company that I was lucky enough to work with at a recent event.  With a tiny house stocked with plant based food, this organization travels to different events and provides healthy meals and snacks to people.  On a hot day in LA, we served food to over 500 people, many of them children.  Having the opportunity to talk to these kids was very eye opening and inspiring.

I believe everything happens for a reason and have taken this opportunity and used it as inspiration for my newest Zen Healthy Kids series.  There will be articles, tips, recipes and videos all dedicated to help children develop a healthy relationship to food.

At the end of the series, there will be a free gift!  To reserve yours email




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