5 Priceless Gifts that Yoga Has Given Me

25 Sep


Five years ago I stepped onto my mat for the first time.  My main intention was to get a workout, little did I know that workout would change my life.  Living close to Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles I have been lucky to be able to regularly attend the donation based yoga classes that have been taking place there for over 10 years.  Taking in different things from each teacher, I have been able to build a strong foundation.  Practicing yoga outdoors gives you a connection to nature that is magical.  You just cannot being in triangle pose and looking up at the blue sky or doing tree pose while gazing at a palm tree.

Over the years I have strengthened my practice and experimented with different styles and trained with some of the best yoga teachers in the US.  The teachings that I’ve learned in yoga have spilled into my everyday life and formed me into a more loving, accepting and patient person.

Here are five priceless gifts that my yoga practice has given me over the years.  Of course, this is just the beginning as the learning process never ends!

 1. Ability to stay present

weird pose edit

As a chronic over-thinker, this was challenging for me at first.  It certainly took me a while but now I am able to easily come to a peaceful place both on and off my mat.

2. Confidence

dancers pose edit

The moment when I first stood on my head brought a tear to my eye.  To me this was not just an inversion, but a testament to my ability to do whatever I put my mind to.  A headstand was something I thought I could never do and once I accomplished that, I knew that the only thing standing in my way was my own self-doubt.

3. Body Awareness

warrior 2 edit

Each pose is the opportunity to sink in and really feel what’s going on with your body. This leads to better body awareness.  In my opinion, this is the most important aspect of developing a strong and healthy body.  Learning how to listen to your body and understand it’s needs ensures that you will be healthy and avoid injury.

4. Flexibility

backbend edit

While yoga definitely increased my physical flexibility, it also strengthened my ability to stay flexible in life situations.  As someone who likes to plan things, this lesson has served me well and taught me to let go and roll with the punches.

5. Humility

peaceful warrior edit

There will always be someone stronger, leaner and more flexible than me, but that does not matter.  I have learned through yoga that my poses and my life look a bit different than others and that’s what makes me beautiful.


To learn more about Runyon Canyon yoga and for class times visit them on Facebook


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