Educate Yourself and Eat Responsibly

14 Jan

Last month I was lucky enough to get the chance to volunteer with the Farm Animal Rights Movement on their 10 billion lives tour.  For several months they visited college campuses on the west coast and spread the word about animal agriculture and dietary choices.  We gave people $1 as an incentive to watch a short video depicting what animals go through before making in onto our dinner plates.  While this video is certainly violent and hard to watch, it is also important.  It is important for people to know where their food is coming from and how their dietary choices affect the lives of other living beings.

A common response I got after asking people to participate and watch the video was, “I don’t even want to see that, I love my meat.”  What an ignorant attitude to take.  We are so set in our ways with doing and eating whatever we please that we close our eyes to anything that might challenge our actions and force us to step out of our comfort zone and make a change.

Regardless of whether or not you decide to adopt a plant based lifestyle, learning where your food comes from and how animals are treated should be your responsibility.  While I personally believe that no killing is humane, each person needs to make that decision for themselves after being given all the facts and information.

If I place this scenario in a different light it might make more of an impact.  For example if you find out that your favorite shoe brand violates labor laws and employs children and treats their workers badly, you would probably not give them anymore of your business once you learn this.  Why then should animals be any different?  They are living beings put on this earth for reasons other than becoming our dinner.

For many people, veganism is this extreme, unattainable way of eating that they could “never” do.  I understand that it might seem a drastic change in the beginning, but shift your mindset.  Instead of focusing on what you can’t eat, explore other options and try new things.  If you are approaching this from a view of lack then you are always going to feel deprived.  Instead, look to all the wonderful, delicious foods that you can eat.  Experiment with a new vegetable, try some different spices, play around and discover that being vegan does not mean just eating salads all the time.

Here are some meat replacements that I like to use.  I stay away from the store bought, soy based meat substitutes because although some are vegan, they are still processed foods that it is best to stay away from.

~ Mushrooms

Portobello especially are hearty enough to stand in for meat and hold up well on the grill

~ Tofu

The soft texture allows it to absorb and take on the flavor of whatever you season it with

~ Tempeh

Made of fermented soy beans that are formed into a patty, it has a hearty texture and is high in protein

~ Beans/ lentils

A great source of protein and can be used to make veggie burger patties

My journey to a plant-based diet has forced me to get creative and played a large part in me realizing my passion for cooking. Perhaps this will be a turning point in your life, leading you to optimum health.

Here are some great vegan recipe sites that have introduced me to new things and inspired me to experiment on my own.

Happy Healthy Life 

Fat Free Vegan

Oh She Glows

Post Punk Kitchen

As always, I am here to help anyone who is interested in transitioning into a healthier, plant based lifestyle.

Contact me today for a free consultation


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