The Practice of Mindful Eating

30 Oct


These days, a sit down meal has become a thing of the past.  Everything is now about affordability and convenience.  A large number of meals today are eaten in the car, at a desk or skipped entirely.  Taking the time to sit down to a meal, distraction-free, has many benefits.

The practice of mindful eating is a  concept based on Buddhist teachings.  It involves enjoying food free of distraction and being completely aware and grateful for the food you are consuming.  Being completely aware allows you to fully taste each flavor and to better understand when you are full.  You are eating with the intention of caring for your body and taking the time to understand how different foods are making you feel.

Another important thing to understand is when you are actually hungry.  Many people struggle with their relationship to food and this often stems from emotional eating or mindless eating.  If we learn to listen to our bodies and understand when we are truly hungry, we will be making better food choices and truly nourishing our bodies.

Eating should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience.  More importance should be place on meal times, for that is an activity that sustains our life.

Follow these simple tips to develop a healthy relationship with food.

~ Before preparing your meals, take a moment to reflect and clear out any negative energy and cultivate health and happiness

~  When sitting down to a meal, take a quick moment to express gratitude for the meal you are about to enjoy

~  Sit down to your meal free of distractions; this includes TV, cell phone, books and magazines

~ Take the time to chew your food properly and fully taste all of the flavors

~  Eat slowly to savor each bite and give your body the chance to signal to you when it is full


Your body is a beautiful gift that is given to you to carry your soul through this life.  When fed with the proper foods, it can do amazing things and heal itself in miraculous ways.

Learn to understand your body, feed it what it needs and be good to yourself!


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