How I Transformed my Health (and you can too)

20 Aug



In the last few years I have made changes to my lifestyle in order to be the healthiest, happiest and most at peace version of myself that I can be.  This has been a long journey that has involved educating myself, changing my diet and learning new and fun ways to stay active.  After making these changes I have lost weight, gained energy and have a deeper understanding of my body and what it needs.  The tips listed below are what helped me to get to a healthy and happy place, maybe they can help you on your journey as well.


Eat real food

Our bodies were made to run on plants, fruits, nuts and seeds, not all of these packaged items that currently line the supermarket shelves.  Throughout my personal journey to health, nothing has made a greater impact than cutting out processed foods has.  Giving your body what it was designed to process and breakdown ensures that everything runs smoothly.


Spend time out in nature


I am blessed to live in a place that allows me to enjoy time outside all year round.  Living in southern California also puts me close to majestic mountains, beautiful beaches and expansive deserts.  Spending time outside is essential to connecting to the larger living organism that we are a part of.



Make physical activity an enjoyable part of your day


Instead of pushing yourself through a monotonous workout at the gym, why not get outside and go for a jog or try a new activity.  Making your workout something you enjoy doing will get you excited and motivated to do it.  The main ways I stay in shape, hiking, yoga and hula hoop also happen to be my hobbies so my workout is something I look forward to.

IMAG1094_1_1              Image-1


 Be good to yourself


Learn your body and come to understand when to take a break and recharge as you need it.  Society often suggests that people should be busy and very productive in a given day.  We have devices that keep us connected 24/7  so it’s important to know when to just disconnect and look inward.

Next time you are feeling overwelmed, make yourself a detoxifying aromatherapy bath by dissolving 1/2 cup epsom salt bath and a few drops of lavender essential oil into the water.  Now soak and let your worries melt away!



I would love to help anyone out on their journey to a healthier version of themselves. Contact me today for a free consultation!


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