How to prepare for a busy but healthy week ahead

29 Jul


Preparation is key to affordable and healthy eating throughout the week, especially if you are going to be busy.  We’ve all had those days when we come home after a long day and have nothing prepared.  These days, it’s so easy to take a shortcut and grab some take out on the way home.  Continuously eating out can become costly and knock you off your healthy track.

Sundays seem to be the best for food prep.  Once you have a few things made, just combine what you have to make your meals.  It is best to change up what you make , but do make sure that you are getting something from each of the foods groups, fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains.  Farmers markets or delivery services are best places to get your produce.  Food that has been grown locally not only tastes better but is more nutritious.


Here is what was on my grocery list this week.  I was able to get all of these items at the farmers market and local grocery store for just under $35.

Kale                                      Nectarines                            Sweet potatoes

Pumpkin seeds                Pistachios                              Figs

Basil                                     Bananas                                  Almonds

Zucchini                             Peanut butter

I combined these items with some staple items I already had on hand:

Lentils                                   Quinoa                               Chia seeds

Dijon mustard                    Oatmeal

And spent a little over an hour prepping these items:

Sweet potatoes                    Quinoa                                   Baked tofu

Almond milk                        Pistachio pesto                   Squash noodles              Lentils


Here are all the nutritious and nourishing meals I was able to put together quickly with the items I had bought and prepared.


20140716_234734              20140718_085445

Peanut butter chia pudding                              Sweet potato pie smoothie 


Banana fig smoothie


pesto_lentils_with_quinoa_and _kale sweet-potatoes_quinoa_over_dijon_kale

Pesto lentils and quinoa over kale  –  Dijon kale with quinoa and sweet potato



                Squash and kale pesto pasta

Just a little bit of thought and preparation will set you up to have a successful, positive and healthy week ahead.  Take the time to do that for yourself, you deserve it!


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