The 5 best tools for a vegan kitchen

23 Jul

Food preparation doesn’t have to be complicated.  Centuries ago, our ancestors prepared food with little to no tools.  It is a great contrast to how things are done now, in an age where there is a different appliance or kitchen tool to do any task you can imagine. 

I often like to keep things simple and eliminate the amount of unnecessary gadgets ad things to store.  There are however a few kitchen tools that I have come to appreciate in my kitchen. 

While these items are certainly not needed, they do open the door to new possibilities and ways to prepare food.  These five kitchen tools are the ones that I use most when cooking.  They range in price, so find what best suits your needs and go with that one.


1.  Food Processor

good for: dips, sauces, ice cream, veggie burgers


2.  Spiral slicer 

good for: vegetable noodles, veggie chips


3.  Dehydrator

 good for: herbs, dried fruit, raw crackers and breads


4.  Blender

 good for: smoothies, soups


5.  Food chopper

good for: chopping vegetables for soup or making salsa





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